How to mine a crypto-currency?

As promised in our article on crypto-currencies, here is the article that will allow you to master the mining of cryptos.

Qu’est qu’un minage

To begin with, let’s remind ourselves what mining is. Mining is the activity that consists of using computer hardware to record transactions on a blockchain, making them unchangeable. By hardware, we mean computers with significant computing power.

In this world of miners, everything is a question of competition. Indeed, the first computer to find the solution to the cryptographic problem validates these transactions and receives the reward.

Very often, this reward is shared between the computers that have contributed to finding the result. So we come to the question that everyone is surely asking, how to mine.

To mine crypto-currency, you need to install software on your computer that will use the graphics card, processor and sometimes both to solve cryptographic problems. Note that the more powerful your computer is, the higher the probability of finding the cryptographic solution and therefore the higher the mining capacity.

However, such a device requires a significant amount of electricity, which may well push up your electricity bills considerably at the end of the month. To overcome this problem, cloud mining is emerging.

Le cloud mining

The principle of cloud mining is relatively simple. It consists in exploiting mining materials already set up by companies through contracts. For companies, it is a new business and a new way to make money.

For individuals, it is a definitive solution to the electricity problems associated with conventional mining. Seen from this point of view everything looks perfect but there is a particular danger in this practice and it concerns the miners.

Indeed, tons of scams have developed in this activity with fake cloud mining companies among others. Now that you know how to mine, find out which crypto to mine because it is clear that the main cryptos are no longer available to individuals.