Sexual depravity among young people: Is anyone talking about it?

Not so long ago, people scanned social networks to keep up with the latest social, political and other news. Nowadays, we are on the lookout for social networks to be the first to see or own the latest sex tape.

What has become of our youth?

It is definitely a huge heartthrob that the editorial team launches today as the situation becomes more and more dramatic. Pupils, students and even schoolchildren, indulge in it to their hearts content. This forbidden fruit that was inculcated as precious has now become the gangrene of society and especially of our youth.

What the hell happened to bring us to this point?

Sex is no longer a taboo subject as it was in the past. The arrival of social networks and especially the internet has re-educated all of us. But unfortunately, not in the right way. The advent of pornographic sites has simply perverted the youth.

Today, even schools that used to be centers are now transformed into scenes of sexual depravity. Sextapes are constantly appearing on social networks. And the worst part is that even those who are supposed to educate the youth also play this game.

Showing its nudity on the networks has become a fashion phenomenon. From plunging necklines to ultra-sexy bikinis, women lose no opportunity to show a little more under what pretext? That of the freedom of expression. Isn’t it finally the advent of this concept the real cause of this situation?

Today everyone does what they want and where they want. One has the impression that nothing is controlled anymore. A feeling of carelessness which is very detrimental to the youth. But whose fault is it?

Of course it is the youth’s fault. Why look far. The youth in lack of true models, does only his head. And it is a pity.